⚡ "Smooth Cocoa" ⚡⁠

What you didn’t know: ⁠
You ever wondered who the strongest man in Hong Kong is? We like to think it's Acton - no joke this man lifts HEAVY! As a competitive powerlifter 🏋️ and former American football player 🏈, you can trust him to handle anything that requires brute strength. Don't be fooled though, he has a softer artsier side too having had lots of experience as a part time actor 🎬

What to expect:⁠
Plenty of "WOOOs" 🗣️, hand claps 👏 and a whole lotta "let's make it SEXAYYYs" 👀 These are just a few of the many Acton-isms you might hear throughout the course of class (by the way they're usually your cue to pick up the pace!). Energy is high and the tunes bump hard, so make sure you bring your A-game to Acton's class.