Arrive early
door policy

  • We strongly recommend everyone to arrive 15 minutes prior to class for check-in.
  • Upon arrival say hello to our lovely front desk, grab your gloves, and head to the changing rooms to put on whatever snazzy outfit you like to workout in. Once you’re ready, please wait outside by the waiting area and your instructor will come out to get you.
  • We will close the studio doors on time at the start of class.
    Returning students will be allowed in to the studio within 5 minutes after the doors close.
  • New students will not be allowed in once the doors are closed. There will be no exceptions!

  • We suggest you enter the studio at least 5 minutes before class starts to be respectful of both the instructor and others taking the class.

wrap your hands

  • Hand wraps are mandatory for sanitary reasons as well as to provide maximum protection for your hands while you're smashing those bags. You can purchase our LIGHTS//OUT easy wraps ($120) that come in a variety of sizes.
  • For all the purists out there who may prefer the traditional boxing hand wraps over our easy wraps, here's a quick video on our favorite way to wrap hands (FYI, trainers and staff will not wrap your hands for you):

6 punches

  • Never boxed before? We got you. We always run a pre-class warmup (first 5 minutes of class) where we go through the 6 basic punches of LIGHTS//OUT. During class, our instructors are there to help you along the way and we always encourage everyone to move at their own pace!
  • Below is a breakdown of the 6 punches if you wanna do some homework:


  • We often suggest first timers to try the CLASSIC as it is our signature class. This will give you a feel of what we're all about here at LIGHTS//OUT and is a good starting point (but still a challenge) if you are new to this kind of workout.
  • If you've done some boxing before and feel like you want to test yourself, then BLITZ may be a better option - it's kind of like a CLASSIC... on steroirds?
  • We have recently added a few more classes for those looking to target their core (BOXCORE), or a balance of strength, and boxing (SHRED)


  • Padlocks, keys? Pain in the ass. That's why all of our lockers have a simple in-built combination lock system that will keep your belongings safe and secure while you're busy getting yo sweat on! Enter any four digit code, twist the lock, jumble the numbers, and you're good to go. If you forget your code, just ask our receptionist and they will happily help you open it. Please be considerate of others and only use one locker at a time.
  • Once you're done with class you'll probably want to hit the showers. Good thing ours are always squeaky clean (isn't that a relief?). We have 5 showers in total - 3 female and 2 unisex.
  • We also provide hair dryers, bath supplies and a bunch of other goodies to get you feelin’ fresh post-workout. Towels service is currently suspended. Disposable towels may be purchased at front desk.

What to wear

  • Whatever the heck you want (given that you are comfortable sweating in it)!
  • However, we do insist that you wear shoes in the LIGHTS//OUT studio due to safety and hygiene reasons.


  • Life begins at the end of your comfort zone. What are you waiting for?