“Lose yourself in the music and find yourself in the movement!” 

Here at LIGHTS//OUT Boxing Club we are all equals. Built by a passionate community of like-minded individuals who believe in pursuing their goals with heart and grit. In the last year, we have grown from a small room in Tin Hau to a fully serviced boxing club we can now call home in Sheung Wan. 

Regardless of who you are, once inside our dark boxing studio, our carefully curated playlists and immersive lighting are guaranteed to relieve your everyday stress and have you focusing only on yourself. It is you vs you for 50 minutes of energizing tunes, technical boxing and blistering total body work! No experience needed. Just you, your gloves and good vibes.



- 8 rounds of work!

- 4 rounds of boxing

- 4 rounds of total body work (Strength + HIIT)

- Switch between boxing and total body work every 2 rounds

- Max 18 people per class split between the 2 sides


- For those looking to push themselves

- 4 rounds of boxing

- 2 rounds of floor side workout (WOD style)

- On the floor side, race against 2 songs each round to complete the workout

- Max 18 people per class split between the 2 sides

the gym


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