⚡"Mastermind" ⚡

What you didn’t know: ⁠⠀
Billy is the founder of Lights//Out and when he’s not cooking things up in the L//O Lab ⚗️🔬, Billy can either be found sailing the seven seas ⛵ or hanging out with his two French Bulldogs, Maya and Orca. And if you ever need a building built... he is also a qualified architect so you know exactly who to call 😜⁠⠀

What to expect:⁠⠀
When you step into Billy’s class you can expect high energy workouts and catchy bassy beats. Some say that his workouts may destroy your soul, but you will 100% of the time come out reborn!

He is also an olympic weightlifting and boxing specialist for anyone who is interested in personal training!